BYOG Tidepools Wide ~ your Heirloom Gem

BYOG Tidepools Wide ~ your Heirloom Gem

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The Story

Tide pools collect beauty and sustain life on a schedule influenced by the moon. Water flows in and out of the pools, nurturing the strong creatures which call them home.
Wear a ring from the Tidepools Collection as a reminder of your strength, your daily mindset, and your abundant gratitude for the ebbs and flows of life.
Celebrate your journey, milestones, and your connections by celebrating yourself, because in a WEND Tidepools ring, you become the tide pool the moment you slip one on.
Wide Tidepools Ring Details
Tidepools WIDE rings are approximately eight millimeters wide, and are available in:
14K Yellow, 14K White, or 14K Red *Eco-Gold.
*Eco-Gold is 100% SCS Certified Recycled Gold.  
What is an Heirloom Gem?

If you have inherited a meaningful gemstone, WEND can set your gem into one of our collection rings. Our rings are made to order, so this new ring will take between 6-10 weeks to complete. But, bear with us because you will have something more meaningful in the end!
How This Works
You choose a ring from our BYOG collection, and bring in or send us the piece of jewelry you'd like us to pull the gem from. We will pull the stone from its setting, measure it, clean it, and get to work carving a wax ring to fit your gemstone. Once the ring is made, we will set your gemstone in it!
What gemstones work? Essentially any! If a stone is meaningful to you, it is meaningful enough to place in one of our rings. In the rare circumstance your gem will not work, we will help find a suitable replacement.
In our WEND collections, we focus on round gems. We admit to having a preference for round if you are choosing between several gemstones. But, we are happy to set other shapes as well for an additional $100 fee.
If you'd like additional stones in your ring, the setting fee for each is $40.
Can We Use the Gold?
Usually, we can. If we pull your gemstone from a piece of jewelry which is stamped with a gold karat stamp, we can likely add this metal into your new ring. Heirloom gem and heirloom gold ? Win/win/win!
If you have enough gold to cover the entirety of the new ring, we will extend a 20% discount to the listed price.
BYOG Assumption of Risk:

We LOVE reusing gems and always use the best practices to protect them. However, you need to know that gems may still crack while unsetting or setting them.
If we use your heirloom gem, you agree to assume the risk that it may be damaged or destroyed. If this happens, WEND will do our best to make plan b work for you.

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